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Charcoal Hard Wood

Charcoal Hard Wood

₹598.00 नियमित मूल्य
₹299.00बिक्री मूल्य

Naturally Green Horticultural Natural Hardwood Charcoal for Orchid & Terrarium, Ornamental & Other Gardening needs. Natural Filter

  • About the Product :

    • Naturally Green Horticultural Hard Wood Charcoal is ideal for Orchid & Terrarium, Ornamental & other Gardening purposes.
    • charcoal is good for plants that prefer moist environments, such as orchids and ferns.
    • Hardwood charcoal helps by getting rid of stagnant water by absorbing it & also increasing oxygen levels and the helps in presence of beneficial microbes.
    • Hard Wood charcoal contains Potassium which is essential for all  plants, esp rooted ones. Potassium regulates plants Water balance (so tissue is firm and juicy, and plants resist stress).
    • Mulching with Hard Wood charcoal can be very effective as it creates a protective covering over the soil surface while preventing moisture from escaping the soil. This helps to preclude the growth of weeds.
    • Hard Wood charcoal is ideal for Orchids, Anthuriums & in Terraniums.
    • Adding Naturally Green Horticultural Hard Wood charcoal straight onto the Soil also deters slugs, snails, aphids and fruit Fly away
  • Description :

    Wood Charcol is excellent for soil detoxification natural insecticide and soil conditioner. Using charcoal can bring miracle in your garden. It is act as soil sweeetner and natural compost for plants like Peace lily, Rose, Aloevera, dracaena veflexa, Anthurium, and Prchids. It is slow to decompose, help drainage and provides some air circulation. Most potting materials for Orchid do not provide any nutrients. Phalaenopsis, Cattleya, Dendrobium and other Orchide species grown in the home are tropical epiphyte plants that use modifide areal roots to absorb moisture and nutrients. Charcol is excellent for soil detoxification natural insecticide and soil conditioner. Utilizing charcoal can bring miracle in your garden. Enhance drainage of potted plants, provide growing medium for plants like orchids, increase soil water holding capacity

    Usage Instructions

    Add Naturally Green Horticultural Hardwood Charcoal directly to soil, 25 to 30 gms in each pot. Should be added closer to the roots when planting the seeds or repotting. Mix well in the top 1- 2 inch of soil. Mulching recommended for best results. Irrigate immediate on application.

    Repeat every 15 days;  

    Note: The product is pure Hardwood Charcoal and does not use fillers


    Our Product ships in Durable sealed packaging: Packed in resealable Ziplock Standup Pouch made from recycled material.


    We endeavor & encourage people to grow their own food & increase green cover by making space for naturally live plants for a healthier,

    CONGRATS ! NOW your plants are in SAFE GREEN HANDS

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