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white chips

white chips

SKU: whtchps
  • Naturally Green Pebble stones are a great way to add visual interest in your garden or outdoor area. By including Naturally Green marble chips into your landscape design, you can make your garden or outdoor space look stylish and luxurious.
  • Decorate your gardens, flower pots, aquarium, garden patios, pavements, waterfalls, water fountains, courtyard gardens, garden walks and pathways with these beautiful marble chips.
  • Naturally Green marble chips are 100% Natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly. Their natural attribute will make them last longer because they will not deteriorate like mulch does. Common applications include succulent containers, and potted plants,vases and terrariums.It is perfect for home decor and a creative interior and exterior design. The possibilities are endless with these floral arranging white gravel rocks!
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