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8 Kitchen Scraps that are good future Houseplants : Easy

The next time you work in the Kitchen, be careful about what you throw away as there are some Kitchen Scraps that can Become Future Houseplants! Read ahead to find out more!

1. Avocado

For a long term project, try spouting an avocado pit to grow a tree. After sprouting the pit (which can take up to eight weeks) transfer the pit into soil and let it grow. The growth will be slow, but it’s totally worth it for an avocado tree!

2. Lemon

To grow a lemon tree at home, you will need an organic lemon with non-germinating seeds, nutrient-rich potting soil, a planting pot that’s 6″ wide and 6″ deep, a seedling pot that’s 24″ wide and 12″ deep, and a sunny growing location (possibly with a grow lamp).

3. Apricot

Do not throw away the apricot’s seeds as you can grow them easily. Place the pot in an area with six to eight hours of light and keep the plant well hydrated.

4. Pineapple

Take a pineapple and cut the flowery “crown” off about an inch below the leaves. Trim around the bottom until you see little brownish bumps (these are the root buds). Before planting, dehydrate the pineapple crown to prevent rotting too soon. Now, with your prepped pineapple cutting, place it in a shallow container of warm water. When the cutting begins to root, replant it into a container with soil and be sure to water once a week. If possible, keep it in a bright, warm place with as much direct sunlight as possible.

5. Beetroot

Cut off the top of the beets and throw them in some water. Just keep it on a sunny windowsill, and you’ll have a houseplant that provides you with a fresh beet harvest!

6. Aloe Vera

If you have bought an entire aloe vera plant to use the fresh leaves, then you can grow it again by repotting it into a new pot. As the plant produces offsets/pups, you will soon have many aloe vera plants for every room!

7. Lettuce

Do not discard the base of the lettuce that you ordered, keep it in a bowl with a ½ inch of warm water. Leave it to sit in direct sunlight, and in a week or two, your lettuce stem will produce fresh, new lettuce leaves for all your great salads. Transplant your lettuce to soil to continue growing. They should be full grown in three to four weeks. This process works for Bok Choy as well.

8. Green Onions

You can regrow scallion, (green onions,) in as little as five days. Simply leave at least an inch attached to the roots of your left over scallion, put them in a small glass of water, topping up the water if it evaporates. Your scallions will flourish.

Taste Fresh and New Flavours from Your Garden. Enjoy the fruits / flowers of your labour.

Grow what you Eat. Eat what you grow.

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Increase green cover by making space for naturally live plants for a healthier, happier and greener life.

CONGRATS! NOW you are in control.

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