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How to Easily Grow Wheatgrass at Home

Wheatgrass, is packed with essential vitamins and minerals that can help to keep your body and mind to stay healthy.

Follow the steps below & easily grow wheatgrass at home.

Purchase Your Wheatgrass Seeds

Purchase a bag of wheatgrass seeds from the seeds sold are organic.

Prepare the Seeds For Soaking

Measure and rinse the seeds before you soak them for germination. Plant about 2 cups of seeds if you’re using a 16 by 16 inch tray. The next thing you should do is rinse the seeds in a bowl of cool water using a colander with tiny holes. Drain them well and place them in a bowl.

Soak the Seeds

Soak the seeds to encourage germination. Leave your seeds soaking for 10 hours. Drain the water off the bowl and replace it with cold water. Leave them for another 10 hours to soak. Repeat the same process as to reach three soaks. At the end the seeds will sprout roots meaning they are ready to be planted.

Prepare the Seed Tray for Planting

Line a seed tray with paper towels in order to prevent the roots from growing into the holes of the tray. Spread about an inch of potting soil (make sure it is free of pesticides and chemicals) into it. Use paper towels that haven’t been treated with chemicals. You can purchase the trays from

Start Planting the Seeds

Spread the seeds evenly right above the potting soil and press them against the soil. Make sure you don’t bury them. Also, make sure that there are not too many seeds piled in one area only.

Water the seed tray every single day. The young shoots should be watered even twice a day. Cover the tray with moistened newspaper pages in order to keep them protected.

Keep the Seeds Moist At All Times

Keep the seeds damp so they will root themselves at the seed tray. Every morning, lift the newspaper off for the soil to remain wet. Use spray bottle that’s filled with enough water to lightly mist the soil at the evening.

At the fourth day, take the newspaper off in order to keep the seeds from sprouting underneath it.

When the shoots have grown to about an inch, reduce the watering. You must avoid overwatering!

Keep the Grass Under Partial Sunlight

Place the wheatgrass in a shady area of your home because direct sunlight will damage the grass. During harvesting, simply cut the affected area to avoid harvesting the mold.

Harvest the Wheatgrass

When the shoots are mature, another blade of grasses will start growing off the first shoot. This is called splitting and means your wheatgrass is ready for harvest. The grass is about six inches tall at this point. The grass will be ready to harvest after 9 to 10 days of growing wheatgrass in the seed tray.

Cut the Grass Above the Root

Using scissors, cut the wheatgrass. Clip the scissors right above the root and collect the grasses in a bowl.

Juice the wheatgrass immediately after you harvest them if you want to make the most of its health benefits.

Juice the Wheatgrass

Rinse the wheatgrass before juicing. Then, place it in a juicer or a blender. Grab a strainer once the wheatgrass is already fully blended. Take off the solid particles with the use of the strainer. You can now enjoy a glass of healthy wheatgrass juice.

Note: Wheatgrass is an extremely powerful cleanser so avoid drinking more than one glass of wheatgrass juice or smoothie.

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