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How to Grow Edibles in containers : Understanding the basics.

Grow what you Eat. Eat what you Grow. We at Naturally Green will help you do just that.

Welcome to a Fresh, Healthy, Safe, Enriching & Exciting way of life. You are the Mentor & the Incubator.

Nothing compares to the garden-fresh flavours of sun-ripened produce. You don't need a large yard to grow your own food crops. You can enjoy a healthy harvest from plants tucked into containers / old jars / bottles etc. Arranged on a patio, deck or rooftop, pots of edible crops can furnish family meals with luscious flavours. Get started by understanding the basics of growing edible plants in containers.

How do you go about growing edible plants in containers? Here’s some basic guidelines for you to follow & Go Naturally Green…

Sunlight is crucial for a harvest. How much sun is enough?

  • For plants that produce fruit (pepper, tomato, bean): at least 6 hours of sunlight daily

  • For plants that yield leaves (cabbage, coriander, sprouts, broccoli) and roots (potato, carrot, beetroot, turnip) : at least 4 hours of sunlight daily.

You'll experience less harvest than if plants received more sun.

  • For salad greens and seasonings (lettuce, spinach, parsley): at least 4 hours of sunlight daily or bright, indirect sunlight all day, like that found in open shade.

Improve your success by choosing plants based on mature size. Plants with words like "small" or "tiny" in their names typically have smaller statures and thrive in pots.

Bush types of vining crops, such as cucumber or beans, grow to a smaller size suited for containers. Dwarf plants produce full-size fruit on small plants; midget selections yield small fruit on small plants.

Grow crops in any type of container, including wood, terra cotta, plastic and concrete. Unglazed terra cotta pots are porous, which makes it difficult to maintain soil moisture. Wooden containers eventually rot; concrete is heavy. Choose containers based on your budget, space, ease of use and immediate term, short term & long term goals.

The size of pot will depend on crops you're growing:

Some rough Estimate : Crop : Pot Size

Tomatoes and deep-rooted crops

40 to 50 litres capacity for full-size Tomatoes; 10 to 15 litres for tiny or dwarf types.

Broccoli, Cucumbers, Peas, Peppers, Beans.

15-18 inches deep

Small Tomatoes, small-fruited Chily Peppers, Strawberries, Herbs

10-15 inches deep

Bush Beans

10-15 inches deep, and wide enough to allow 3-inch spacing between plants

Lettuce, Green Onion, Radish, Dwarf Cherry Tomato

6-10 inches deep

Every container needs drainage holes. If none are present, drill them yourself. Use a convenient bit for wood or plastic, a masonry block of concrete or clay, or a step bit for metal.

#Soil / Potting Mix

Use quality Potting mix ( available on, not soil from your garden. These soil less mixes frequently contain a blend of cocopeat, compost, sand, vermicompost, perlite or vermiculite, etc.

Locate containers near water source. As summer heats up & plants mature, you'll be watering pots daily, sometimes twice daily. A drip irrigation system makes watering easy. Add water-holding crystals to soil to improve water-holding capacity. Place containers where runoff from pots won't cause problems. Use saucers to catch runoff, but don't let pots sit in water overnight.

All edible crops benefit from regular feeding throughout the growing season. Apply fertilizer based on size and stage of plant. Regular planned fertilization of lesser quantity is recommended, rather than higher quantities with improper feeding. Ideal schedule would be twice per week ( gap of 3-4 days), either early morning or post sunset. Avoid fertilizing plants under harsh sun. Water immediately after applying Fertilizer. Keep moist.

We endeavour & encourage people to grow their own food. Grow what you eat. Eat what you grow. Go Healthy. Go Safe. Stay in Control.

Increase green cover by making space for naturally live plants for a healthier, happier and greener life.

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Taste Fresh and New Flavours from Your Garden. Enjoy the fruits / flowers of your labour.

Grow what you Eat. Eat what you grow.

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