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Groundnut cake

Groundnut cake

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Naturally Green Groundnut/ Peanut Cake Fertilizer for healthy plant growth

Essential fertilizer for all plants, soil amendment.(cold wood pressed)

  • About the Product :

    • Naturally Green Groundnut Cake Fertilizer is the preferred choice for gardening plants.
    • It has symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacteria in root nodules.
    • Naturally Green Groundnut Cake Fertilizer is 100% Natural & organic, which when added to soil enriches it with vital nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium
    • Quality of the product is guaranteed and being natural it is completely environment-friendly.
    • Safe for kids and pets to play around plants after the application.
    • It can be used to make liquid fertilizer and as powder. Its compositions will nurture plants naturally.
    • It is both a fertilizer & a soil amendment ( when added to soil) medium.
    • It’s property is to slowly release nutrients into soil, so that plants can easily absorb.
    • It contains Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium & Micronutrients, which are Important for plant health.
    • Nitrogen is the most important Nutrient that plants need & is responsible for rapid Plant growth & the green color of plants.
    • No added chemicals or preservatives. 100% Natural.
    • Naturally Green Groundnut Cake Fertilizer is a traditional cold pressed derivative, so is much more effective
    • Naturally Green Groundnut Cake Fertilizer is sourced from organic farms in India
  • Description :

    Groundnut Cake Powder has symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacteria in root nodules.This capacity to fix nitrogen means peanuts require less nitrogen-containing fertilizer and also improve soil fertility, making them valuable in crop rotations.Our natural Groundnut cake powder selection is clean and perfect for any outdoor garden and will never wear out. All of our powder comes from natural sources and never chemically altered or dyed in any way. Whether you use your garden at home or at work, you’ll find yourself enjoying the uniform texture.Natural fertilizer is an organic substance added to soil that contains vital plant nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. For the Groundnut cake powder has generally natural fertilizer includes all essentials. Groundnut cake is a great fertilizer as it promotes healthy growth of the plant and provides lush, velvety leaves and high yield.Ground nut cake can be used as a organic fertilizer in our home kitchen garden/terrace farming. Ground nut cake using as organic fertilizer - effective plant growing method

    Durable sealed packaging : Packed in resealable Ziplock Standup Pouch made from recycled material.


    Usage Instructions


    Soil Fertilizer
    Apply 1 spoon each (directly to soil ) by digging a 1 inch X 1 inch hole in

    soil (1 inch away from the base) & cover it with soil.

    Qty can vary based on the size of each plant.
    Repeat process every week.




    Foliar Fertilizer

    Take 500 gm Naturally Green Fertilizer Cake & soak in 20 litre water for 24 hrs.
    Filter & use as foliar spray for greener & healthier foliage.

    It is recommended to spray plants after sunset when it is cooler.
    Repeat process every alternate day.


    Suits all kind of flowering, vegetable and fruit plants


    We endeavor & encourage people to grow their own food & increase green cover by making space for naturally live plants for a healthier, happier and greener life.

    CONGRATS ! NOW your plants are in SAFE GREEN HANDS

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