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Ng Bhendi, Brinjal,Capsicum Cucumber Seeds combo

Ng Bhendi, Brinjal,Capsicum Cucumber Seeds combo

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Naturally Green Bhendi, Brinjal, Capsicum, Cucumber Combo Hybrid Seeds (Pack of 100 seeds). Bacteria Wilt Tolerant (BWT). Tolerance to Leaf Curl ( TOLC). Non GMO

  • Usage :

    How do I use the seeds? What are the Instructions for usage:


    • Prepare Seedling Mixture (Use Naturally Green Cocopeat 90% & Naturally Green Perlite 10%). Seedling Medium should be moist.
    • Make holes of 1 cm with gaps of 1 inch. Sow seeds 0.5 cm deep. Cover it with seedling Mix.
    • Use shrink wrap / thin film to cover the pot for moisture retention & humidity. Leave for 7-8 days. Keep Moist, not wet
    • Seeds germinates in 10-12 days.
    • Transplant Seedling in 25-30 days.
    • Flowering in 30-35 days post transplantation. Take special care not to disturb the roots. You can transplant the seedlings with about a square inch of potting media to reduce root disturbance.
    • Take care of sapling & plant throughout for maximum results.
    • Taste Fresh and New Flavours from Your Garden. Enjoy the fruits / flowers of your labour.
  • Description :

    Grow what you Eat. Eat what you Grow. We at Naturally Green will help you do just that.


    Welcome to a Fresh, Healthy, Safe, Enriching & Exciting way of life. You are the Mentor & the Incubator.


    Naturally Green Okra Bhendi Hybrid seeds is born out extensive research, trials & proven results post testing.


    Worry Free Gardening - Our seeds are consistently tested at or above 95% germination rates under optimal growing conditions. You won’t need to worry about duds and seeds not germinating.

    How different is Naturally Green Hybrid Seeds from other brands ?

    Naturally Green Hybrid Seeds are Bacteria Wilt Tolerant (BWT).

    Naturally Green Hybrid Seeds are Tolerant to Leaf Curl ( TOLC).

    Naturally Green Hybrid Seeds are Yellow Vein Mosaic Virus resistant.



    For your utmost satisfaction: At Naturally Green we are completely dedicated to providing you with quality products for your quest for gardening & the greens.

    Do try our other products like Naturally Green Cocopeat, Naturally Green Vermicompost, Naturally Green Perlite and many more for complete garden care.

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