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The Top 10 Indoor Gardening Tips

If you think bringing some greenery to your home is a challenge, look at top 10 tips.

Comes straight from gardening experts with years of expertise in gardening,

1.Choice of Plants.

It is important to choose plants that suit your environment, since even the most dedicated & passionate gardener can’t make a sun-loving plant thrive in a cold or shady area.

2.Position plants carefully

Make sure you choose plants that have light levels & temperatures according to the room they are positioned. Position plants so as to get optimum light (if not sunlight). Make sure there is sufficient light for your houseplants in order to photosynthesize effectively.

3. Try to avoid direct sun

Windowsills that are in direct sunlight are going to be too hot for most houseplants. Don’t place houseplants over direct sources of heat, like radiators.

4. Avoid temperature extremes

Keep delicate plants away from draughts. This can increase the humidity levels.

5. Pot on regularly

Repot your houseplants in larger pots every 2 years or so. By doing this, you will ensure your plants are not stressed & will thrive well.

6. Be well equipped

Use the proper tools for indoor gardening. For instance, a long-spouted watering can & a mister to increase humidity are necessary for reducing dust levels & dealing with pest & disease outbreaks. Or a long-h&led fork, & some pair of scissors are good for accessing difficult areas. With a sponge attached to a long h&le you will keep glass containers clean.

7. Water wisely

You’ve heard this a million times – but seriously, don’t overwater your houseplants. Add some drainage material at the bottom of pot to help your roots stay aerated & make sure they don’t drown.

8. Winter dormancy

Allow your houseplants to rest during the winter period & move them to someplace cooler. Most plants are dormant at this time, so they don’t need much sunlight. Also, reduce the amount of water & food you usually provide, to prevent diseases like mould & root rot.

9. Be vigilant

Get to know your plants & recognize potential problems early before a pest infestation or other physiological problems kill your plants. For instance, danger signs for low air humidity are flower buds falling off, leaves withering, & leaves with brown tips. On the other hand, signs of high humidity would be mould, rot, & soft growth.

10. Think long-term

Some of the popular houseplant gifts only have a short growing period, so make sure you choose plants that will thrive longer, if you want a year-round display.

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